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Geomatic software

With C&D Pro, take advantage of the power of communication that decisional mapping gives: geomarketing studies, statistical typologies, spatial scoring, customer catchment area, B.I., cartographical reporting.

Master your working area by using genuine functionalities such as polarization, which defines the force of attraction of poles to study the influence of cities for example; and the aggregation of all data available for a given space (turnover, customers, etc.).

With C&D Pro, discover the numerous methods of statistical displaying like quantification, regression, PCA and AHC or the Bertin’s matrix which visually classifies the components of a geographical set thanks to the comparison of several data sets.

Finally, our range of software gives you a vast choice of methods to display your data: The squaring, which eliminates the skews introduced by administrative contours, the faced half-circles, treatments of immaterial flows in the shape of origin/destination matrix .

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Web applications

Genuine mapping viewer, the Flash-based C&D Web component can be integrated in any type of architecture to offer you the best of statistical and interactive mapping for the Internet.

Thanks to its flexibility of use and its many functionalities, it enables you to deliver intelligent and personalized map libraries: choose your data, your base map and the type of representation you want to use. Each chart then created feeds the interface of C&D Web with new analyses. The end user can sail into this bank of information among the topics and under-topics defined by the administrator.

The webmapping tools C&D offers are also compatible with C&D Web. Directly import your charts sets from the C&D towards C&D Web.

This component will thus find quite naturally its place within your Web site (Internet, Intranet, Extranet).

Our resources

All base maps you may need: several compilations and databases available with our software.

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