Although major GIS software packages (ArcGIS, MapInfo) have some thematic mapping capabilities, there are several less well-known but equally, if not more, powerful mapping software programs designed for generating high quality thematic maps. One of them is Cartes et Données (C&D), a product of the French company Articque Informatique. This mapping software is capable of producing choropleth, proportional symbol, bar graph, several types of pie chart maps as well as cartograms, flow, vector, prism and 3-D surface maps. It also has a set of powerful statistical tools for producing regression and trend surface maps.

The C&D tools for creating maps can be grouped into three categories: source tools for importing boundary (all major formats) and data (Excel and other tabular formats) files, operator tools for performing statistical and cartographic functions, and display tools for displaying thematic maps and graphs. The C&D cartographic output is of very high quality and can be exported to illustration software for final touches.

A companion to C&D is Cartes et DonnéesNum, an equally powerful boundary creation and processing software. This poster presents cartographic and statistical capabilities of C&D by examining recent demographic trends in the United States and Wisconsin at various levels of territorial aggregation (states, counties, minor civil divisions, and census tracts) and displaying results in a series of maps and graphs. It also discusses the software’s capabilities as a teaching and research tool.

Mamadou Coulibaly and Kazimierz J Zaniewski- University of Wisconsin Oshkosh