Articque Consulting

Entrust us with your geomarketing studies : optimize your sectorization, settle your new stores, define catchment area…


that C&D represents a value-added range of products that will help you make the most of your data and make the best decisionsYou have no time to learn the specificities of a new software but you understand that C&D represents a value-added range of products that will help you make the most of your data and make the best decisions ?

Articque offers a high quality consulting service to help you conduct your projects. Our team of experts has already worked on hundreds of studies and is able to help you organize your data, choose the most relevant methodology and interpret your maps.

Whether you are facing complex problematic like:

  • Optimization of your commercial sectorization
  • Commercial and geomarketing analysis of your company
  • Settling of new stores
  • Evolution of your customer catchment area…

… or simply want to visualize your results on a map, we will provide you with solutions that consider your organization and time constraints.

Leave your project to our experts and enjoy the most innovative technologies and advices with a committed team.


Advices for every step of your project

Our methodology is based on interactivity from scratch to a complete study to help you through your decision-making process. We give you the tools to increase your performance in the way of modernization and improvement of your information system.

Step 1: Assessment of existing situation and objectives

Our consultants study your project and help you through the definition of your objectives. The assessment of available data, consideration of your human ressources, organizational and technological constraints enables us to give you an estimation of the time and budget necessary to implement your project.

Step 2: Methodology and analysis

Our consultants provide you with advice at each step of your project to give you the necessary keys to its implementation. Together, we will find out the most relevant methodology and realize the models to give you complete analysis.

Step 3: Maps creation

According to the objectives and methodology previously settled, we create your cartographic atlas following the rules of cartography and your specifications (your graphic chart, export formats etc.).

Step 4: results and recommendations

Our experts help you to analyze your maps and give you the tools to improve your results. For example, they can conduct simulations of stores settlings and help you understand better the disparities between your geographic sectors.