Press Release – Articque MAP



In 28 years of innovation, Articque has become a worldwide reference in statistical mapping software, meeting the needs of experts like AAG (American Association of Geographers)
or RECLUS (Geographic experts grouping) in Europe. C&D has trained the minds of generations of students in the world e.g. Kobe University, Stanford University… Yesterday’s students are nowadays entrepreneurs. Articque has today 100,000 users Worldwide.


We were able to acquire a significant place for good reasons. Statistical mapping is not just putting some pies and colours on a map. C&D and Articque MAP are crucial for businesses and their environment, political analysis but also to search for the causes of an illness visualized on a human body for example. Statistical mapping is central and strategic to decision making process across a wide array of business fields. Statistical mapping is real science, all of our 60 employees are experts in this field.


This comprehensive expertise led Articque to be retained as soon as 2004 by IBM DB2, Salesforce in 2006 and Qlik in 2014. Thanks to the success of Articque MAP range Qlik awarded Articque Technology Partner of the year 2016. In less than 2 years we achieved great challenges thanks to you.


Today, Qlik decided to integrate Idevio in its offer. We wish good luck to our young colleagues.


By no means has this questioned Articque commitment nor our partners or clients’ commitment. Articque MAP is only one component of our global income and we are used to welcoming new competitors, and not the least! Microsoft, Google, Apple, Tableau Software…

Therefore both as partner and provider we inform you of Articque MAP new public price list, clear and disruptive:

– Free Articque MAP local user license for QlikView and Qlik Sense available in free download

– €990 excl. taxes per year for a Server license (unlimited number of users), including maintenance.

– USD 990 per year for a Server license (unlimited number of users), including maintenance.


Articque is pleased to introduce a wide range of geo-services provision from February on

You get full access to simple mapping tools such as geocoding, sectorization, multi-modal access areas (isochrones, isodistance) and full-web cartographic atlases edition.

These services will enable you to make the best use of Articque MAP capabilities covering all your mapping analysis needs, including Mapping of Things (MoT) needs.


To help our partners reach out to scientific excellence, we will certify all partners who are committed to providing the appropriate scientific response. And in any case, you know the excellence of our technical and commercial support. You will never be alone and we will be by your side.


Back in 1989 I said that mapping intelligence would be 21st century visual: here is new proof…