Open a base map in C&D is possible thanks to the Working map module.

To do so, just double click on the module to have access to its parameters and find the location of the file you need.

astuce-20100712-ouverture-fond-de-carte-1 astuce-20100712-ouverture-fond-de-carte-2

However, C&D enables some alternatives.

Opening by drag&drop

For instance, if it is already processing and if your files explorer is open, it is possible to drag one or various working map files directly into the diagram.



The Working map module is then automatically created and linked to the Outlines module present by default.

Of course, it is still possible to link each of the new modules that appeared to their own Outlines module.

astuce-20100712-ouverture-fond-de-carte-4 astuce-20100712-ouverture-fond-de-carte-5

Opening by double-clicking

Another possibility, when C&D is still closed: via the files explorer, get to the folder that includes your working maps.


Make a right click on a .vxf file and, in the pop-up menu that appears, choose « Open with », then « Choose program … ».

When the following dialog box appears :



Check that the box to tick in « Always use the selected program to open this kind of file » is ticked, and click on the « Browse » button. Then, get to « C:\Program Files\Articque\Cartes et Donnees 5.6 » and choose the .exe file « c_et_d.exe ».

Validate twice. You are done.

Once C&D is closed, you will then be able to open it directly thanks to a double-click on a vxf file, this file being automatically « loaded » in a working map module.