Insert an Excel file screenshot in a map page setup

In order to show examples of the world oil production, we want to integrate an Excel spreadsheet screenshot into C&D page setup.

This tip is possible with Windows Vista and Seven operating systems thanks to the capture tool available in the accessories.

Map creation in C&D

The first step is map creation. In this example, we use a polar projection of Northern Hemisphere.


Excel table capture

Then, access the Excel file used for your source data and use the capture tool to select the area you want and save it as png, jpeg or gif format.


Insert your table in C&D

When your are back to C&D, go the page setup

Insert the Excel table image


To complete this operation, select the tool “add image” then draw a rectangle in which the Excel table image will be displayed. While the image is still selected, go to Image properties:


Tick the box “keep original shape” in order to keep your image proportions (height/width)


Prepare map export

Results of the image insertion clearer once the map is exported