C&D permits to place points manually on a working map, in order to enable displaying text or symbols that would not be precisely linked up with a locality.

For instance, from a working map of the world, we would like to make the oceans names appear.


Step 1 : Create the points

The representations of C&D are linked up with elements of the working map (polygons or points). This first step is thus absolutely indispensable. First, we insert the generalized working map of the world (available in the Carticque World), then we create our points.

To do so, just use the Poles selection module. The basic function of this module is to select all or part of a working map to which it is connected. Like this, linked to the working map of France by provinces, it enables to select the provinces of our pick with the help of simple boxes to tick in (fig.1)


In our case, we are going to use this module in an autonomous way. It will constitute an independent working map. The access to its parameters reveals a second tab : « clic in the map » (fig. 2)astuce-20100701-insertion-nom-lieu-2

Then, just click on the button « Add a point clicking on the map ». The mouse pointer then turns into a cross and enables to create a point above the already visible working map. A new dialog box then opens to precise what the identifier and name of this point will be (fig. 3 & 4) :



You can then create the identifier of your first point with the help of alphnumeric characters (however, we do not recommend to use special characters ( =* ?~#é/^…)), then its name. It puis son nom. It is then possible to validate or create new points.

Step 2 : display the names of the points

As the names of the points are in the working map constituted by the Poles selection module, all you have to do is insert a Values module in our diagram, then to link Poles selection to Values, and Values to Display.


Final result :