Different kinds of data sources can be inserted inside C&D :

  • Text files (*.txt – tab separator)
  • Excel files (*.xls – format 97-2003)
  • 4D bases
  • Access or Oracle bases via an ODBC protocol (see to dispose of the drivers)
  • *.dbf files

If you only have few data, they can also be entered manually in the data tables, after having defined the parameters of the Data module in “Intern”.


Data entry directly in the data tables (below the Display window) :


In order to link a *.dbf file to a working map inside C&D, accede to the Data module parameters and choose « Text file » in the pop-up list :


In the dialog box that opens, change the format of the file you are looking for,


To replace it by « Dbase file (*.dbf) » :


The file selection can then be realized.

Important reminder :

The definition of the parameters of a Data module enables to link C&D to a data source. This means that by default, the data will not bill inserted inside C&D, but that only a simple link joint them. Actually, the Data module directs towards the location of the database.
Creating a link rather than inserting data in the diagram enables not to make the created files heavy, and to multiply them thanks to their absurdly low size.