Insert a Clipart inside a map


In order to free ourselves from conventional symbols, C&D enables you to insert your own logo inside your maps.

Let us enrich the map below for instance:astuce-20100525-inserer-un-clipart-1

This operation is feasible for the Symbols and Qual. Symbols representations. For that, just accede to their parameters:

Qual. Symbols Module:

astuce-20100525-inserer-un-clipart-2 astuce-20100525-inserer-un-clipart-3

In the pop-up list located under the term Symbols, substitute « Image » to « Circle » which is the representation by default. While double-clicking on the plane-shaped icon, it becomes possible to have access to an additional symbols library.


This library can be enriched with your own images in *.png, *.gif or *.jpeg (*.jpg) formats employing the Add a Symbol button. The quality of the result depends on the size and the quality of your image.

After validation, your new symbol should appear on the map:


Representation’s type :

Representation of qualitative data:


Representation of numeric data:  astuce-20100525-inserer-un-clipart-7