Insert a circle radius

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In the 2009 tips, we described how to illustrate . Here, we want to insert a circle radius on the base map.

The qualitative symbols module Symboles Qual. enables to complete this action:  

In the example below, we want to show the sphere of activity of Airbus A380. We insert 2 base maps from Carticque Monde: the world by countries and the world by cities.


We use the pole selection module to choose 6 cities across the globe. The selected cities will be represented thanks to the quantitative symbol module (insertion of a plane icon) and the value module (to show cities names).

astuce-20100906-cercle-de-rayon-defini-2b astuce-20100906-cercle-de-rayon-defini-3
Note: a second poles selection module will be added in order to hide Antarctic.
To complete the representation, you just have to insert another qualitative symbols module and to set parameters as follows:


  • Symbol shape: circle
  • Symbol size: untick the auto size box and specify the diameter. Here, we enter 30400 as the Airbus A380 sphere of activity is 15200 km. Please not that the unit used for Carticque base maps is often in Km.
  • Colors: remove “fillings” in order to display an empty circle and show borders only.