Create lines enabling to link values to the symbols they represent

It is possible to create, in Cartes & Données, a line enabling you to link values (names, numeric data) to the symbols or outlines they are supposed to represent. However, this modification can only occur during the page setting preceding the export or the printing.

First, with the help of your individual selection tool, you can select your values and place them wherever you desire.


Subsequently, with the help of the « add a line » tool, you can draw a line between your value and its place on the map.


To create your line, click once, then, while holding clicked, move your mouse. The line will be validated when you release the click of the mouse.


Selecting it beforehand, you will be able to have access to the properties of your line (change the thickness, the color) with the help of the « Properties » button:


You can then change the thickness or the color of your line.