I will probably show them in my cartography class as examples
Testimony from Kazimierz J. Zaniewski, Ph.D. - May 2009

Thank you for sending me some maps on Brazil. They all look very nice, and I will probably show them in my cartography class as examples of the C&D mapping power

Kazimierz J. Zaniewski
Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair, Geography and Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Thematic Mapping with Cartes et Données
Testimony from Mamadou Coulibaly and Kazimierz J Zaniewski
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh - February 2009

Although major GIS software packages (ArcGIS, MapInfo) have some thematic mapping capabilities, there are several less well-known but equally, if not more, powerful mapping software programs designed for generating high quality thematic maps. One of them is Cartes et Données (C&D), a product of the French company Articque Informatique. This mapping software is capable of producing choropleth, proportional symbol, bar graph, several types of pie chart maps as well as cartograms, flow, vector, prism and 3-D surface maps. It also has a set of powerful statistical tools for producing regression and trend surface maps.

The C&D tools for creating maps can be grouped into three categories: source tools for importing boundary (all major formats) and data (Excel and other tabular formats) files, operator tools for performing statistical and cartographic functions, and display tools for displaying thematic maps and graphs. The C&D cartographic output is of very high quality and can be exported to illustration software for final touches.

A companion to C&D is Cartes et DonnéesNum, an equally powerful boundary creation and processing software. This poster presents cartographic and statistical capabilities of C&D by examining recent demographic trends in the United States and Wisconsin at various levels of territorial aggregation (states, counties, minor civil divisions, and census tracts) and displaying results in a series of maps and graphs. It also discusses the software’s capabilities as a teaching and research tool.

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Testimonial using C&D software
Testimony from Mr Steeman - November 2008

Lucky was the day I came across the software package Cartes&Données from Artique. As a consultant in natural resource management I often work with tabulated data in a spatial setting. I often have therefore a need to present such data on maps.

There are GIS packages, both commercial and open source, which allow you to produce maps, but the numerical processing to optimally use tabulated data is cumbersome. There are dedicated statistical software packages, both commercial and open source, but although these package also contain visualisation options, they don’t contain spatial solutions, or these options are limited.

Cartes&Données I found to give me exactly the tools I needed to spatially process tabulated data and be able to make maps that convey the meaning and message of these data in a glance, that tables cannot do. This is true for relatively simple maps, containing one variable only, such as population numbers, and for more complicated maps, that need to display two or more variables. As an example, look at the map that displays both population density and the proportion of Special Use Forest area relative to the area of provinces in Vietnam.

The software also proves very easy to use. I find the application of building up a map by arranging modules with dedicated functions in a diagram intuitive and very easy to grasp and learn. In a very short time I was able to make useful maps after having followed Articque’s practice files and having studied its example maps. Not only is the learning swift, building up diagrams and making maps is also swift. It is therefore also a time saver.

I am very pleased with the powerful calculation and statistical tools, that allow you to process data and see them instantly displayed on a map. It is a unique feature that you can use multiple GIS coverages in combination with a variety of database sources, including simple text files, to build up a statistical analysis, link them to visualisation tools, and then to an end display tool, producing the map. It is also very useful to be able to link modules more than once to other modules, thus being able to use the same calculation or visualisation arrangement for more than one map.

All in all, Cartes&Données is an excellent data analysis and visualisation sofware package, that is a joy to use, and makes ones work more efficient, deserving nine-and-a-half out of ten points. The just-not-yet-ten is for encouraging Articque to improve some map layout tools with resizing, aligning and snap functions, which would be helpful, but don’t affect the overall functionality and usability. Thank you Articque.

Once upon a time
Testimony from Jean-Pierre Bossan - October 2008

Once upon a time there was a history and geography teacher. He decided to learn how to use a computer 7 years ago,he was helped by Apple and some colleagues.

Once upon a time there is this very teacher who discovers a bit later, because he loves cartography, ARTICQUE’s software « Cartes & Données ». At a time when geography has his festival, when we are invaded by « made in US » products, here is a French team, small but which will grow very fast, which offers in several levels of products the best you can find in this field, thanks to a simple use, a logical process and a very good final performance even using the simplest level.

Congratulations, thank you, your product deserves to be widely spread out.

Jean-Pierre BOSSAN
Teacher in Lycée Dautet, La Rochelle.

Numerous advantages
Testimony from Ms Perronet-Menault - October 2008

I tell you with pleasure how I am satisfied with the new version of your software Cartes & Données, after a few days using it.

I’ve been using Cartes & Données frequently for several years in my research center. I would like to add to the numerous advantages I already knew the very big progress made with the last version : the way of working, numerous improvements of existing functions and also new functions (especially ACP) …

… I wished to show your team my friendly congratulation and also my encouragement to go further !

Ms Perronet-Menault
Teacher and searcher in University of Bordeaux, specialized in south European countries.

I am very excited about this opportunity
Testimony from Jorge Arturo Rivera - October 2008

I must say that I am very excited about this opportunity, because on January 2007 we will be deploying approximately 300 computer labs in all of the public middle schools, nationwide. I must also confess that I am personally a geography fan, so I see this is a good chance of getting students involved in a field that links technology, geography and statistics…

Jorge Arturo Rivera
Director of Educational Innovation, Ministry of Education of Guatemala

An interesting tool
Testimony from Peukios Georgiades - October 2008

Educators, Statisticians, Historians, Anthropologists, map Curators, Librarians and other professionals will find the specific software an interesting tool in their day to day activities. I reassure you personally that the material will be distributed in all the Educational and Research establishments in Cyprus .

Peukios Georgiades
Minister of Education and Culture, Cyprus