COGINT : COllaborative GeoINTelligence

Groupe Articque Solutions throws its weight behind the concept of Collaborative GeoIntelligence (COGINT).

Based on the emergent and now pressing demand for the sharing of data and information to which each participant adds value in pursuit of a common goal, Groupe Articque Solutions throws its weight behind the concept of Collaborative GeoIntelligence (COGINT). Proposed by Articque as a direct response to needs expressed by current and prospective users of Geographic Information Systems, the COGINT concept is supported by partners with a strong stakehold in benefitting from its successful implementation. These include the news and media business group Les Echos (LVMH Group, France), environmental resource management (AGAPA, Spain), as well as territorial and economic development agencies (Gironde France, and Florence Italy).

As evidenced by the partnership, there is strong emergent demand pulling the COGINT concept towards applications in territorial and economic development agencies at all levels. Incipient demand is also apparent in business areas such as establishing and monitoring sectorization strategy, and real-time intelligence gathering on resource localisation and asset status. These are but a few examples from a broad field of prospective uses where reliable and actionable collaborative geointelligence services will bring significant value innovation.

The overall strategy calls for maximising the accessibility, intuitive use, and synergy to be gained via the collaborative capabilities conferred via COGINT, for all parties concerned in achieving a commonly-shared objective. The intended outcome is to enable efficient and effective sharing and exploitation of data and information, from operatives to decisionaries, and whether possessing sophisticated or the most basic of computer skills. The essential characteristic is that each person collaborating is able to contribute to and derive value from the data or information.

Implemented from well-proven, reliable building blocks of pre-existing technologies, the COGINT platform will incorporate components which aim to ensure intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces for the input and visualisation of data and information. Processing capabilities are underpinned by state-of-the-art modules for data mining and analysis, with global-wide service delivery, interoperability and scalability ensured through leveraging a cloud-based infrastructure. Key components are variously contributed by partners Effective Knowledge srl (Italy), Atos International IT Consulting group, the Universities of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Firenze (Italy) and Tours (France), and by Articque as overall orchestrator of COGINT.