Mapping Demographic Change with Cartes et Données

Mapping Demographic Change with Cartes et Données Demographic change over time can be shown on several types of quantitative thematic maps. Some types (e.g. choropleth and bar graph maps) have been frequently used to portray spatial and temporal trends in population change and its two components, natural increase and migration. Other less popular types (e.g. […]

I will probably show them in my cartography class as examples

Thank you for sending me some maps on Brazil. They all look very nice, and I will probably show them in my cartography class as examples of the C&D mapping power Kazimierz J. Zaniewski, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Chair, Geography and Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Thematic Mapping with Cartes et Données

Although major GIS software packages (ArcGIS, MapInfo) have some thematic mapping capabilities, there are several less well-known but equally, if not more, powerful mapping software programs designed for generating high quality thematic maps. One of them is Cartes et Données (C&D), a product of the French company Articque Informatique. This mapping software is capable of […]

Testimonial using C&D software

Lucky was the day I came across the software package Cartes&Données from Artique. As a consultant in natural resource management I often work with tabulated data in a spatial setting. I often have therefore a need to present such data on maps. There are GIS packages, both commercial and open source, which allow you to […]

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a history and geography teacher. He decided to learn how to use a computer 7 years ago,he was helped by Apple and some colleagues. Once upon a time there is this very teacher who discovers a bit later, because he loves cartography, ARTICQUE’s software « Cartes & Données ». At a […]

Numerous advantages

I tell you with pleasure how I am satisfied with the new version of your software Cartes & Données, after a few days using it. I’ve been using Cartes & Données frequently for several years in my research center. I would like to add to the numerous advantages I already knew the very big progress […]

I am very excited about this opportunity

I must say that I am very excited about this opportunity, because on January 2007 we will be deploying approximately 300 computer labs in all of the public middle schools, nationwide. I must also confess that I am personally a geography fan, so I see this is a good chance of getting students involved in […]

An interesting tool

Educators, Statisticians, Historians, Anthropologists, map Curators, Librarians and other professionals will find the specific software an interesting tool in their day to day activities. I reassure you personally that the material will be distributed in all the Educational and Research establishments in Cyprus . Peukios Georgiades Minister of Education and Culture , Cyprus