Guaranteed compatibility with all industry standards

Cartes & Données est compatible avec tous les standards du marché

Cartes & Données fits naturally in your office suite. Compatibility is ensured with major market standards.

  • Guaranteed compatibility upstream with any type of data and maps (dynamic link with your database)
  • Backwards compatibility with corresponding export formats to PAO outputs, office software, web …

Import / export data format

  • XLS, XLSX (Microsoft Excel)
  • TXT (tabbed text)
  • CSV (text semicolon)
  • DBF (DBase)
  • MySQL
  • SQL server (including spatial queries) connections (ODBC for Access queries, SQL, internal database, …) internal data (manually integrate its data into the software)

Import basemaps format

  • VXF/NUM (Articque)
  • SHP (ArcGIS)
  • MIF/TAB (MapInfo)

Export format for maps and basempas


  • PNG image
  • GIF image
  • JPEG image
  • PDF document
  • C&D Web


  • MIF/TAB (MapInfo)
  • SHP (ArcGIS)
  • KML (google maps/earth)
  • WKT