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It is easy to realize that an activity has different impacts, according to its geographical situation.

Whether you want to define the best place to set up a shop, the best geographic area for market development or the best target for a commercial action, our geomarketing tools enable you to optimize your sales performance thanks to an accurate analysis of your data. Our software possibilities in term of geomarketing are wide:

  • Set up your site according to trade areas: our software enables you to include numerous criteria in your analysis and to realize their synthesis. For example, you can include the number and typology of inhabitants in a defined area, your competitors’ attraction, the influence of transport networks or any other element which occurrence or absence can influence the future activity of the business studied.
  • Sales force division: our geomarketing tools enable you to define commercial areas according to different criteria (number of customers, turnover, number of prospects, market potential, access time and distance etc). Then, geomarketing tools can analyze the evolutions on the market and measure sales force performance.
  • Market studies: geomarketing enables you to evaluate the economic potential of new activities on a given geographic area
  • Infrastructure deployment: that kind of study corresponds to activities which need to gather a lot of resources for infrastructures deployments.