Automotive – transportation


The combination of global strategy and geographic aspect is essential for professionals of automotive and transportation. When they conduct statistical analyses including localized data, professionals are efficient on two essential strategic aspects:

  1. Sales growth and customer service development
    • Manage your dealers’ networks and find the best distribution on the territory in order to reach the highest number of customers and to define exclusivity geographic areas.
    • Forecast sales by conducting geographic analyses of vehicles’ registration data per category.
    • Analyze after-sales data or customers loyalty in terms of vehicles maintenance.
    • Analyze the geographic distribution of your dealers’ customers in order to analyze trade areas and customers loyalty to the sales point of your area.
  2. Optimization of logistic activities
    • Localize logistics platforms, warehouses, partners, sub contractors, customers deliveries etc.
    • Visualize and synthesize goods or passengers flows on your maps
    • Compare your outlets’ commercial results according to the potential of their area
    • Display tariff areas and deliveries on a map for clear visualization and easy exploitation by your sales teams.
    • Determine the best settling areas for your future logistics platforms and warehouses, minding the road network and proximity of your customers in order to optimize deliveries.
    • Represent goods flows between your platforms both in your country and abroad, in order to get a quick overview of the results of your transport strategy.