Store Locator, directory for your general audience website

Linked to the Google Maps of Microsoft Bing Maps Service, this app brings a real added value to your website by displaying practical information needed to get to your stores to the general audience. This online service will allow you to yield traffic and turnover in your sales points or agencies.

Client’s benefits of the store locator

  • Find easily the closest main interests points
  • Get all the practical information you selected: address, opening time, phone, email…
  • Visualise the roadmap automatically created in one click and get the possibility to print it

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Store Locator

Store locator’s assets

  • A complete and easy to use solution for a simple and customizable integration (no web development notions required)
  • You are autonomous to update your addresses list thanks to an administrative interface
  • Location of all your sales points up to the street number – World cover thanks to Google Maps & Microsoft BingMaps Technologies
  • Itinerary and roadmap printable
  • Intuitive interface compatible with all the web navigators available
  • A very affordable price
  • An app dedicated to the sales force management “Business Locator”, is also available. Ask for a demo to your commercial spokesperson.

Functionalities and results

  • You include easily in your general audience website and interactive map with the street localisation of your addresses files (sales points network, shops, clubs, cottages…). You give precise information to your clients and prospects.
  • The visitor enters his address and discovers the emblems of your network the closest to his location.
  • The visitor gets all the practical information you determined to get to the sales point he chose (address, itinerary, roadmap…)
  • The “layer” tab is accessible through the button at the right of the ‘research’ section and enables you to select geographical layers of practical information for your visitors
  • This layer tab also allows you to add KML or WKT layers and so to create cutting-up maps by region or customize them according to your action areas.
  • We can accompany you in customizing your maps’ styles.
  • The management of those data is autonomous and simple in the administrative interface and allows you to select the different display options for your visitors when starting Store Locator.

Store Locator