21 years experience in mapping software edition

Whatever your activity, Articque provides you with geographic analysis systems to help you analyze your data and support you in your decision making process. Should you want to locate customers and prospects, visualize and organize your commercial activity or find a striking support of communication, Articque provides you with the right solution.



Discover how statistical mapping can change the way you do business

C&D software: quickly and easily create your own maps

C&D web application: enhance, visualize and display your maps on your website or your intranet



Take advantage of our services and maximize your chances of success

Our team of experts supports you throughout your project, from the beginning of your problematic to the achievement of your objectives:

  • Customized training sessions
  • Consulting: geomarketing studies
  • Map creation


A wide sphere of activity

Whether you are a sales manager, a consultant, a cartographer or a statistician and whether you work in public or private sector, Articque will find the right answer to your problematic

What is Articque ?

The French company Articque is the european leader of the new market of GeoStatistique™ (combination of cartography and statistics).

Our goal : Leading software engineer, creator of outstanding solutions dedicated to the exploratory analysis of spatial data.


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