Finally professional software accessible to all !

The GeoCampus program is directed to all students, teachers and researchers who wish to have access to professional software of statistical and decision-making cartography. This extraordinary operation will permit you to obtain a complete equipment of C&D (software and base maps) valuated at 2680€ ex-tax. This equipment is free for students, and teachers get an advantageous price.

This offer gives you the opportunity to acquire the software for a single medium or network license (for schools/universities or research laboratories).

C&D and the educative-research world 

Lots of disciplines require the use of stats and cartography as a major discipline (in geography or geomarketing) or as a tool to approach significant issues (geography of health, historical cartography, economic or geopolitical analysis, flows in logistics, etc…).

Students will then master a statistic and decision making cartography software recognized on the market, symbol of a true asset in their application and future company.

Scientific and searchers, as for them, will have access to a performing and user-friendly tool to explore and broadcast all the diversity of their data.

Don’t wait any longer to enjoy the analysis and communication power of C&D, thanks to the GeoCampus program.



 A partnership in the service of education and research


The distribution of the C&D software for Education and Research actors has been left with RITME from now on. Both our companies share common values, and unite themselves to mobilize their 20 years experiment and their know-how in the scientific and statistic software.

RITME has been developing for more than 20 years an well known expertise regarding commercialisation of scientific software, which goes through a privileged relationship with editors, and a wish to take over the information towards its clients in a simple and transparent way.

 A diversified expertise:

  • A team of advisors ready to help you
  • A different business approach
  • An progressive range of products
  • Independent and personalized advisors
  • A deep knowledge of the editors’ programs
  • A rigorous follow-up of your software base
  • Services to make your job easier (install, advise, development…)
  • Technical support free for our customers

Articque’s maps examples

europe Janv 2012
suisse démographie

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