Display percentages in C&D

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It can be difficult to display percentages on a map in C&D when values are below 1 in the data source. Remember: 20% = 0.2

It is possible to show these values as percentages.

For example, we want to display the following values:

Pays Superficie forestière en 2000
Source : Evaluation des ressources forestières mondiales 2000 (FAO)
AR-Argentine -
BO-Bolivie 0,489
BR-Bresil 0,643
CL-Chili -
CO-Colombie 0,478
EC-Equateur 0,381
GY-Guyane 0,785
GF-Guyane-Francaise 0,899
PY-Paraguay 0,588
PE-Perou 0,509
SR-Surinam 0,905
UY-Uruguay -
VE-Venezuela 0,561

Direct inserts in C&D do not allow direct readability

astuce-20100816-pourcentages-dans-cartes-et-donnees-1 astuce-20100816-pourcentages-dans-cartes-et-donnees-2

However, you can display values in % using a calculation module and setting parameters of the Values module.

The calculation module multiplies values by 100:


The values module adds the % symbol to each value