The Group

Thanks to a good management, strong values and customers, real afficionados of its products, Articque has become a SMEs group that has always been rewarded for its innovation efforts and its early presence on the web.


Founded in January 2010 to federate several companies of the geomatics field, the ARTICQUE group has already become the reference for providing outstanding solutions,and is dedicated to exploratory analysis and localized databases. With this creation, the Group aims at covering most of the customers’ needs around statistics and cartography (Data, maps, studies, consulting, software, applications, websites, etc.)

With a consolidated turnover of 8,5M€ in 2013 and around 50 employees, the ARTICQUE group is a member of the first hundred French editors and has become the French leader of mapping solutions editors.


Articque is the European leader of the new market of GeoStatistique™ (combination of cartography and statistics). For 25 years, ARTICQUE develops and commercializes the Cartes & Données software and other applications (C&D Web, Business Locator…) that allow to visualize but also enrich and manage strategic databases in order to take the best decisions. You exploit your datas wealth by representing them on a map to extract strategic information. Thanks to 11.000 customers in SME, major accounts and administrations, Articque is a reliable actor in the statistical cartographic field that brought significant changes in its solutions through a strong R&D policy. The ARTICQUE group has been rewarded several times, particularly through its citizenship initiatives and its innovations.

Created in 1934, Blay-Foldex is a major player on the road maps and tourist sites market. It is also the leader editor of city maps, well known as the “orange plan.” Facing an increasingly technological world, Blay-Foldex continues to develop its products with more functionality, richer and more “trip” focused content. Publisher and cartographer for 80 years, Blay-Foldex offers a range of products based on 3 environments: mobility (city maps, road maps and atlases …), travel (tourist guides and maps …), languages ​​(methods, phrasebooks, dictionaries …). Through a multi-channel approach, Blay-Foldex offers a wide range of products about the print, the web and mobile applications.
BFB offers multimedia cultural products about the learning of foreign languages ​​and travels. Copyright holder of Berlitz brand, BFB  adapts products from international brands like Collins or APA-Berlitz to the French speaking world. The BFB team also creates its own publications that help you to learn other languages ​​in a fun and practical way, to meet the needs of travellers. In total, 100 titles are available to travel, to understand and be understood over the world. Foreign languages methods, placement tests, phrasebooks and dictionaries for languages books. Travel guides, in French or foreign languages, international maps and plans, tourism plans for travel books.